Reliability, scalability, performance, security and monetization.
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The Challenge
One of the main challenges while developing streaming service was ensuring that the system can handle large amounts of traffic and data. As the number of users increased, the system had to be able to scale accordingly to meet the demand. Also system’s reliability played a big part so we focused on building a robust infrastructure, efficient data management, and continuous monitoring and maintenance.
The Solution
The use of load balancing and auto-scaling technologies to ensure that the system can handle peak traffic were the key elements it4real utilized. Also optimized CDN for low latency and high-speed content delivery was a great improvement towards systems reliability.
The results speak for themselves...
To ensure scalability, the streaming service was built using cloud-based infrastructure that can dynamically adjust to changing demand. The use of load balancing and auto-scaling technologies ensured that the system can handle peak traffic.
To ensure reliability, a multi-tier architecture that includes load balancers, content delivery networks, and redundant servers were implemented in the streaming service.
To enhance security, the streaming service has implemented encryption technologies, such as SSL/TLS, to protect user's data and privacy. It also have robust authentication and authorization mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.
We introduced multiple ticket purchase options like single-event, package, subscription and premium tickets at the same time made the purchasing process as smooth and user-friendly as possible to clearly communicate the benefits and limitations of each option.
decrease time wise when setting up a new streaming channel
increase in Streams ticket sales
decrease in bounce rate
increase in traffic

And they say...

Rando Mere
Founder of
“The robust features and customization options allows me to tailor the platform to my specific needs and requirements, making the service truly unique and valuable. Thank you, it4real, for your exceptional work!”

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